Whether you had an off day on the golf course, overexerted your shoulder at work or have other shoulder pain, our Ashburn, VA chiropractic clinic offers patients in the region a natural solution for pain management. We give our patients a thorough examination to determine the problem. Then, we tailor a plan specific to their using one of many treatments.

Types of Shoulder Injuries We Treat

The shoulder is the largest joint in the body, and it’s used quite frequently for work and play. For these reasons, this region of the body is susceptible to injuries. You could find yourself overexerting the muscles and other soft tissue in your shoulder, which will cause you pain, discomfort and possibly weakness. You could tear part of the soft tissue in the region, which will cause you pain and inflammation.

Sometimes, the issue is a bit more extensive. For instance, you might have arthritis in your joint. This condition causes the joint to swell. You could suffer from bursitis. The condition causes inflammation or irritation to the bursa, a small sac of lubricating fluid found in the tissue between the muscle, bones and tendons. Usually, bursitis is caused by repetitive motions. You might have tendonitis in the shoulders. Instability occurs when the bones in the shoulder joints move or are forced out of position. Sometimes, this is a recurring problem.

Our Approach to Pain Management and Healing in Ashburn

If you need relief from shoulder pain and/or are trying to heal, our chiropractor offers natural pain management techniques that not only reduce tension in your muscles but help you to heal. The first step to the process consists of our chiropractor giving you a diagnosis using a physical examination and possibly x-rays. Our chiropractor will retrieve information about your medical background as well in order to determine the problem and give you a diagnosis. Then, our chiropractor will craft a treatment regimen specific to your needs.

One treatment our chiropractor may use on your shoulder is a chiropractic massage. Our massage therapist will give you a deep tissue massage that targets the soft tissue. The massage will reduce the tension in the muscles in order to provide relief from your pain. Additionally, the massage stimulates the flow of blood throughout the shoulder. By enhancing the blood flow through the area, it receives more nutrients that are necessary for the healing process.

Our chiropractor will recommend exercises you can do to enhance your recovery. The exercises start slowly and increase in difficulty with time as your injury heals. Exercise therapy has the potential to provide pain relief and help you regain function in your shoulder. The exercises and stretches aid in increasing your mobility and flexibility in the area. Our chiropractor will recommend rest and hot and cold therapy. We may provide you with a sling to immobilize your shoulder. Our chiropractor will educate you on injury prevention methods you can incorporate into your life. Oftentimes, small changes incorporated into the sports you play or the activities you partake in are the best prevention methods.

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