The lash of a whip is associated, not just with its lightning-fast motion, but for also for the pain it can inflict. Whiplash is therefore a very aptly-named injury syndrome. Violent forces imparted to the neck can cause several kinds of damage all at the same time — damage which will only get worse unless it is treated promptly. You can get the whiplash treatment you’re looking for right here at Keegan Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Clinic.

Serious Damage That Calls for Immediate Care

The damage sustained in a whiplash injury is the result of hyperextension and hyperflexion of the cervical spine. A sudden jolt from an auto accident or other impact (such as a fall or high-impact sports injury) may throw the head backward and forward at high speed. The sharp backward motion produces hyperextension of the neck, while the forward rebound motion produces hyperflexion. The neck cannot withstand these stresses, so the cervical vertebrae may become dislodged, altering your neck curvature and forcing the cervical joints or discs out of alignment. Meanwhile, neck muscles and tendons may be stretched or torn.

As you can imagine, all these forms of damage can create an equally wide range of symptoms. Along with the pain and stiffness caused by soft tissue damage, whiplash sufferers may experience cervical radiculopathy due to nerve compression, characterized by tingling, numb areas, pain, or loss of function in the upper extremities. Headaches, migraines, dizzy spells, TMJ, memory troubles, ringing in the eyes, and blurred vision are other common whiplash symptoms.

Whiplash requires immediate treatment to prevent additional damage or incomplete healing that might leave you with chronic pain. Since symptoms may be delayed at first, due to shock, you need to get your neck evaluated no matter how it feels.

Our Ashburn, VA Chiropractor Can Help

Our Ashburn, VA chiropractor, Dr. Keegan, can administer spinal adjustments that restore your normal cervical alignment and take the pressure off of nerve tissue. We also provide massage, cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, and electronic muscle stimulation to ease soft tissue pain and promote healing. These all-natural therapies, combined into a personalized whiplash treatment plan, can help you feel better and rehabilitate your neck without painkillers or surgical intervention. We can even break up painful internal scarring from an old whiplash injury.

Rescue Your Neck From Whiplash

Keegan Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Clinic is ready to help you rescue your neck, and your quality of life, from the damage caused by whiplash. Call our clinic at 703-854-9220 to schedule an immediate evaluation so we can get started on your personalized treatment plan!