Many individuals want chiropractic treatment because they are in pain and are seeking relief that does not require surgery or the use of drugs. At Keegan Chiropractic, your preferred chiropractor in Ashburn, we frequently hear from patients who are curious about the nature of their headaches. With that in mind, here are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about headaches.

What Causes a Tension Headache?

Tension starting in the neck muscles is the reason we have the term “tension headache.” The muscle at the base of your skull will exert force on dura matter in your head, causing you to feel pain all across the skull.

How is a Tension Headache Different From a Migraine Headache?

Migraine headaches are, as reported by patients, more severe than ordinary tension headaches. They are also typically accompanied by side effects such as seeing auras and vomiting.

Could the Problem Be Spinal Misalignment?

A misaligned spine results in your neck and head becoming out of balance with one another. As your muscles attempt to compensate, they grow tense and then wind up causing headaches.

What Role Does Posture Play in Headache Issues?

The unnatural positions of your neck and head while slouching or otherwise exhibiting poor posture can definitely cause you to develop a headache. This can happen while standing as well as when sitting, such as when craning your neck all day while looking at a computer monitor.

How Can the Chiropractor Help with My Aching Head and Headache Prevention?

Your chiropractor can help you by performing a spinal manipulation to bring the vertebrae back into proper alignment. This helps restore balance, reduces inflammation and curbs pain. The chiropractor will also be happy to help you learn about headache prevention, such as reducing stress, getting proper sleep and maintaining good posture.

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