More and more parents are seeking chiropractic care for their children these days. However, kids aren’t don’t have the same problems as adults. They have different needs than adults do, and a pediatric chiropractor needs to be keenly aware of what adjustments to make to their therapies. This means that there is an increasing need for pediatric chiropractors with the skill and training to treat children and teens.


Uses of Juvenile Chiropractic Care

Just like adults, children can be subject to sports injury, accidents, and other mishaps. They are less likely to suffer from conditions that are typically age-related, such as degenerative spinal conditions, but they can also suffer from repetitive use injuries. A teen who has been in school for many years may have spent so much time writing or typing that they have problems similar to adults with desk jobs. Juvenile chiropractic care in these cases bears many similarities to adult treatment.

Other uses for pediatric chiropractic care include treatment for ear infections and colic. There is mixed evidence as to whether chiropractic care is effective at dealing with these conditions, but some studies have found it to be helpful. Chiropractic treatment for other conditions such as headaches has been studied in adults but largely not in the juvenile population.

Why are More Pediatric Chiropractors Needed?

Treating a child is not the same as treating an adult. They have different physiology, especially when it comes to the joints. The joints of a child are much more cartilaginous than those of an adult, and the growth plates are more fragile. Children are also simply shaped differently, which is important when it comes to knowing where the most effective places to put pressure are, as well as safety. Pediatric chiropractors thus need special training in order to work on a child or teen, whether the child has a sports injury or has been spending too much time working at school.

More and more people are moving toward healthcare like chiropractic, which focuses on the underlying issues rather than simply the outward manifestation. This means that not only are chiropractors being sought for juvenile sports therapy, but they are also in demand for the treatment of many other conditions. Some chiropractors who specialize in pediatric chiropractic care have waiting lists for appointments, indicating the need for trained practitioners in Ashburn and the rest of the country.

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