An Ashburn, VA chiropractor at Keegan Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Clinic has the potential to treat sports related-injuries as well as perform sports therapy. Our chiropractor specializes in juvenile chiropractic care. We treat injuries in children of all ages including during the teen years.

Common Pediatric Sports Injuries

Pediatric sports injuries are a common occurrence, especially since children play sports in gym class and may participate in extracurricular activities. Sprains and strains are among the most common injuries in children who play sports as well as professional athletes. Typically, they’re inversion injuries and commonly occur as a result of uneven surfaces. A strain is an injury to a tendon or muscle while a sprain is a stretch or tear to a ligament. A child could sustain an injury from overuse. Frequently using the same muscles can cause pain and tenderness in the area. Additionally, children are susceptible to tendonitis, a condition that causes inflammation in the tendon.

Chiropractic Pediatric Sports Injury Treatment

Although we do perform spinal adjustments on our pediatric patients who have back pain, we alter the treatment to ensure the safety of the procedure on our patients who aren’t fully developed. The adjustment has the potential to relieve back pain as well as take pressure off of the surrounding nerves. Additionally, the adjustment promotes healing by enhancing the flow of blood throughout the area, so extra nutrients that are required for healing move to the area.

Depending on the child’s injury, our chiropractor may perform joint manipulation in the affected area. This is particularly the case if the child has dislocated a particular body part. The chiropractor will use manual manipulation to put the dislocated area back in place, which will relieve pain and promote a solid recovery. Obviously, a chiropractor will need to exam the pediatric patient and possibly conduct an x-ray to ensure the procedure is safe based on the condition and the severity of it.

Pediatric massage therapy has the ability to reduce pain. It’ll relieve soothe sore muscles by loosening them, so the child is able to move the area better and more comfortably. Massage has the potential to increase flexion and get the child back into the game as soon as possible.

Our sports injury chiropractor helps our juvenile patients to heal by recommending lifestyle changes such as diet changes. Our chiropractor may recommend children or even a teen who’s suffered from a sports injury to eat a high-vitamin and mineral diet to promote healing. We might also have our patient perform certain exercises at home to promote healing. We’ll also guide your child through exercises in our office that help increase flexion and function while reducing pain. Part of our sports therapy program consists of us helping our juvenile patients prevent injuries in the future by following certain rules such as stretching prior to playing or training.

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