Massage therapy is a common technique used by chiropractors to help patients through illness, injury recovery and rehabilitation. The benefits of massage therapy are numerous, and many people who go to the chiropractor enjoy and appreciate the experience. At Keegan Chiropractic in Ashburn, we use massage therapy to help our patients feel their best. Our all natural massage therapy can help patients with their pain relief.

Reasons Chiropractors Use Massage Therapy

  • Non-invasive. Massage therapy is a form of non-invasive, medication-free treatment that can help patients heal their body naturally and holistically.
  • Improved circulation. Massage is good for circulation. By improving blood flow around injured areas of the body, massage therapy can help the body to heal more quickly after an accident or injury.
  • Reduces muscle tension. Muscle tension can cause pain for the patient. Depending on where the muscle tension is focused, patients who suffer from muscle tension may feel back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and so on.
  • Improves immune function. Together with spinal adjustment, massage therapy can boost your overall wellness and the performance of the central nervous system. This helps improve immune function and also helps ensure that the body is functioning properly. In this way, massage therapy is great for injury and illness prevention.
  • Enjoyment. Patients love massage therapy and how it makes them feel! Massage therapy promotes relaxation and can create an overall sense of calm. After patients experience massage, they feel less anxiety and greater peace with the world around them.

Conditions Treated With Massage Therapy in Ashburn

There are many conditions treated with massage therapy. At Keegan Chiropractic in Ashburn, we use massage therapy to treat conditions such as:

  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Whiplash
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Depression

Contact Your Chiropractor in Ashburn for Massage Therapy

We use massage therapy and other chiropractic techniques to help patients suffering from a range of conditions, illnesses, and injuries. To make an appointment with your chiropractor in Ashburn, contact us today at 703-858-3500.

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